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Gateway University Admissions


The unexamined life is not worth living. --Socrates

Gateway Degree Programs

Admission to the Gateway University B.A., M.A., and Ph. D. degree programs  requires official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, three recommendations, a work resume, an admissions essay, the Admissions Application, and an interview.  Because Gateway offers continuous enrollment, admission to the University can be submitted at any time.

Additional information regarding Gateway University degree programs is stated below.
B.A. Degree Programs
Admission to Gateway University Bachelors Degree Programs requires prior completion of two years (90 quarter units or 60 semester units) of Bachelor level study or an Associate in Arts Degree. Admission requires completion of 45 quarter units of General Education Requirements.  See below.

  • For graduation, a B.A. Degree requires four years of study (180 quarter units).  
  • 90 quarter units may be awarded through Transcript Transfer Credit and/or Prior-Learning Credit. 
  • There is a $20.00 Credit Fee for each qualifying quarter unit.

General Education Requirements
General Education Requirements must be met prior to admission including a minimum of 45 quarter units (or 30 semester units) with a minimum of 5 quarter units in each of the following areas:

  • English Composition
  • Physical Sciences and Natural Sciences:  Physics, Geology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geography, Biology, Ecology, Environment, Oceanography
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences:  Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Psychology, Human Behavior, Eating Disorders, Depression
  • Humanities or Fine Arts:  History, Art, Music, Theater, Languages.
  • Oral Communication

A minimum of 2.00 (C average) grade point average is required for admission to Gateway University Bachelors Degree Programs. 

 M.A. Degree Programs
All Gateway University Master of Arts Degree Programs require a Bachelors Degree for admission.

For graduation, a Masters Degree requires one year of study (45 quarter units).

  • 22.5 quarter units may be awarded through Transcript Transfer Credit and/or Prior-Learning Credit. 
  • There is a $20.00 Credit Fee for each qualifying quarter unit.
  • The requirement for completion of M.A. may or may not include a thesis.
Ph. D. Degree Programs
  • All Gateway University Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programs require a Masters Degree prior to admission.
  • For graduation, a Ph. D. Degree requires two years of study (90 quarter units).
  • 45 quarter units may be awarded through Transcript Transfer Credit and/or Prior-Learning Credit.  There is a $20.00 Credit Fee for each qualifying quarter unit.
  • Completion of the Ph. D. requires a Dissertation (20 quarter units) and an Oral Defense of the Dissertation.

Combined Degree Programs
Gateway University features Combined Degree Programs of B.A./M.A. Degrees and M.A./Ph. D. Degrees to facilitate the student's graduation with advanced degrees.  The Gateway University vision is to empower spiritually minded students with advanced degrees in service to a broader wisdom culture.  See Admission.

These programs offer a 10% reduction in tuition.
Admission and graduation requirements for each degree do not change.

Gateway Ministerial Programs
Admission to the Gateway School of Ministry requires high school graduation, three character references, a work resume, the Admissions Application, and an admissions interview.

Gateway Certificate of Achievement Programs
Admission to Gateway Certificate of Achievement Programs requires seriousness of intent; a concept for a program of metaphysical study; three character references; the Admissions Application; and an admissions interview.

Enrollment in Gateway University begins with an admissions interview which can be done in person or over the phone.  The written Admissions Application must also be completed including: a two page autobiography; three references; educational transcripts; a work resume; and an essay discussing why you would like to become a Gateway University student.
The registration fee for the Degree and Ministerial Programs is $500.00, which includes the Program Assessment and the initial Program Design.  The registration fee for Certificate of Achievement Programs is $50.00.  All registration fees are non-refundable.

Combined Degree Programs only require one registration fee.
There may be additional Credit Fees ($20.00/quarter unit) for Transcript Transfer Credit and/or Prior-Learning Credit.



The University periodically updates administrative, academic, and financial policies.  Gateway curriculum requirements are subject to change.  Updated policies are fully binding upon all enrolled students. 

Program Planning
A Gateway University mentor supervises Program Assessments of the student’s academic program every three to six months.  The Learning Contracts between mentor and student that evolve out of these Program Planning meetings are tailor-made to the individual student.

Program Planning sessions design the student’s next course of study.  Students are expected to take their agreements seriously.  Once the student and mentor have agreed upon a Learning Contract, it cannot be changed without a $75.00 Program Reassessment Fee.

There are 7 course designs for Gateway Learning Contracts.  See below.
Courses can be designed in Learning Contracts between the mentor and student for 1-3 months in duration. 

The minimum program is one class per month.  The maximum is one or two classes per week. 

On-site classes vary from 1-3 hours/week to weekend intensives of 10 hours/day.

  • Seven Course Designs for Gateway Learning Contracts
  • Gateway University offers unique and unmatched flexibility in course designs.  Students may meet academic requirements through a choice of 7 course designs:
  • Mentored Course.
  • Directed Independent Study Course.
  • Gateway Learning Packet.
  • Gateway Audio Classes.
  • Gateway On-Site Classes.
  • Community-Based Classes.
  • Live Internet Classes.
Each course design is decided in Program Planning meetings with the student’s mentor and agreed upon in a Learning Contract.  Attendance requirements vary for each of the course formats.  See below.

Mentored Course  
Mentored courses involve one-on-one sessions between a student and a Gateway mentor.  Twenty-four hour cancellation notice is required to reschedule a mentoring session.  There is a $25.00 Mentor Cancellation Fee for missed mentoring sessions without 24 hour notification.

A Mentored Course can be done in person, over the phone, through the mail, or by the web.  Mentored sessions are one hour in length.  Mentoring is valuable for students who travel or those who desire distance learning.  
The value of mentoring as a learning style is that the student gets 100% attention in the class. 

Mentoring subjects vary widely, from courses listed in the catalogue, to courses that are created to serve the student’s interests.  Such individualized courses are designed with the mentor both to meet academic standards and the student’s joy in learning.

Mentored Course attendance allows a minimum of one session per month.  The maximum number of mentored sessions is one hour per week.

Directed Independent Study Course  
Directed Independent Study Courses are for the mature student who is competent at research and deeply committed to a learning goal. 

For undergraduate programs, three books are required on a single subject.  For advanced degrees, the student reads five books with additional research from a bibliography or independent research. 

The student writes a paper demonstrating knowledge of the material covered in the texts. 

Directed Independent Study Courses are not mentored.  DIS appeals to highly motivated, mature, academically experienced students who are comfortable with independent study and who enjoy freedom in research.
Learning Contracts for Directed Independent Study can last from one to three months depending upon the student's depth of interest. 

Gateway Learning Packet
Gateway Learning Packets are specially designed learning modules, available for all Degree and Ministerial Program core curriculum.  Learning Packets are sent through the mail or by e-mail.  Reading and writing assignments, study questions, self-discovery exercises, research, and video/film assignments comprise the Gateway Learning Packets.  Learning Packets are part of the distance learning capacity of Gateway University.  
Gateway Learning Packets can be designed for one to three months, depending upon the student's depth of interest.

Gateway Audio Classes
The student listens to one of the 421 audio selections in the Gateway Audio Curriculum and writes a paper over-viewing and demonstrating specific knowledge of the class contents. 

Gateway Audio Classes are great for people on the go since they can be heard during travel time. 

The student is allowed to do as many Gateway Audio Classes simultaneously as approved by her mentor.  Learning Assessments must be completed within one month of assignment.  There may be an audio selection fee.

Gateway On-Site Classes
Gateway On-Site Classes can be completed via teleseminars, webinars, or on-site Gateway learning circles.
On-Site Classes vary from one to three hours per week to weekend intensives of ten hours per day.

To receive transcript credit, attendance is required for 75% of the classes in a series.

Community-Based Classes
Students may attend approved community-based workshops offered outside of Gateway, at their own expense.  By designing a Learning Contract with his mentor, the student may receive academic credit toward program completion.  Learning Contracts for Community-Based Classes must be agreed upon during regularly scheduled Program Planning Sessions.

To receive transcript credit, attendance is required for 75% of the classes in a series.

Live Internet Classes

Gateway offers webinars simultaneously with bridgeline phone classes to serve students worldwide.  Students may download and listen to these classes as convenient.
To receive transcript credit, attendance is required for 75% of the classes in a series.

Credit Units
The academic units described in this catalogue are quarter units.  One and one-half quarter units equal one semester unit.

Grades offered at Gateway University include:  Credit; Credit with Honors; No Credit; Incomplete.

Grading is non-adversarial and supportive of the student’s progress, yet confrontive if a student is not meeting the Gateway University standards which include the following:  attendance, participation, learning assessments, proper attitude, class performance, maturity, ability to accept constructive criticism, commitment, discipline, steadiness, and integrity.


The University periodically updates administrative, academic, and financial policies.  Updated policies are fully binding upon all enrolled students.

Course Drops
There are two kinds of course drops:  one initiated by the student and one initiated by the University.  
Student initiated drops need to be in writing.  If the student drops the course before the second meeting, there is no penalty.  The date of the request to drop is from the postmark or from the personal delivery date.
When a student has not attended 25% of the course, the University initiates the drop.  There is a $25.00 Administrative Drop Fee and in some cases a $75.00 Program Reassessment Fee.  Students receiving Administrative Drops are responsible for full tuition for the course.
An Administrative Drop may also occur if the student does not follow-through on an Incomplete Petition within two weeks of the course completion date.

A course drop, whether an Administrative Drop or a Student Drop, may increase the length of the student’s program, requiring additional tuition.  An unpaid balance prevents the student from graduating or enrolling in other classes and will result in a hold on records.  The student will be charged additional tuition for repeating the course.

Program Withdrawal
The University requires one month notice and commensurate tuition payment for a student to withdraw from the program.  Withdrawal terminates the Enrollment Agreement. The student’s withdrawal must be in writing.  The postmark or the personal delivery date marks the date of request for withdrawal and one month's notice.  A refund (if applicable) is prorated based on one month from the date of withdrawal.
In order to withdraw in good standing, all student loan payments must be up to date and all outstanding fees and debts to the University must be paid.

Course requirements and assignments must be complete in order to avoid Administrative Drop Fees and an Incomplete grade.
Upon withdrawal, there is a hold on all transcripts until the student has paid all outstanding moneys owed the University.
When considering a withdrawal, the student should assess all unpaid fees, unpaid tuition, course attendance, incomplete course petitions, and one month’s withdrawal notice.

The University may dismiss a student upon failure to meet financial obligations, attendance minimums, ethical standards, consistent academic progress, or if the student has excessive No Credit or Incomplete grades.
Students who have withdrawn or been dismissed from the University may re-enroll with the approval of the Academic Review Committee, upon receipt of the student’s written request for readmission.  If readmitted, the student is required to meet tuition and degree requirements at the time of re-enrollment.  The readmission fee is $l00.00 which is non-refundable.

Leave of Absence
A Leave of Absence of up to one year may be granted to a student who is undergoing a medical or family emergency.  A Request for Leave of Absence must be in writing.  The postmark or personal delivery date marks the date of the Leave of Absence. 

The student’s financial obligations, tuition payments, and fees are due through the one month following the Request for Leave of Absence.  
After one month, the student's record freezes for one year.  This suspends the  student's loan payments and ensures the student’s tuition rate for one year. 

If the student returns to the University within the year, the program continues as it was before the leave.  There is no re-enrollment fee, no increase in tuition, and no change in the student loan agreement.
If the student returns after one year, current degree requirements, tuition, and student loan policies will effect the student.  There is a non-refundable Readmission Fee of $l00.00.

Granting a Leave of Absence does not extend deadlines for Incompletes.  All outstanding financial obligations must be paid.  An unpaid balance will preclude readmission and create a hold on transcripts.

Repeated Leaves of Absence involve stricter standards to receive administrative approval for readmission.  The Academic Review Committee gives judicious attention to particular case circumstances.

Official Gateway University transcripts carry the Gateway Community seal.   Transcripts are confidential and must be requested by the student in writing before copies will be sent to agencies or schools.  There is a $20.00 fee for each transcript sent.

A hold will be placed on transcripts for any student who has not met the financial obligations with the University or failed to comply with University academic standards and requirements.

Students who do not complete a course in the designated time period may request an Incomplete Petition prior to the last class.  For this, there is a $50.00 Incomplete Fee.  The student is then allowed two weeks from the last class meeting to complete the necessary course work. 

After two weeks, the Incomplete grade becomes Credit or No Credit.  Credit with Honors is not allowed.  Students who receive No Credit will be required to re-take the class at full tuition.

There may be an additional Administrative Drop Fee of $25.00 if the student does not complete the Incomplete Petition agreement within two weeks of the last class.

Time Limits

There is a seven-year limit for the completion of the Ph. D. from the time of enrollment.

As a private educational institution and also due to the church status of Gateway University, the University is not affiliated with regional accreditation or state approval processes.  At a practical level, this means that some graduates may not be eligible to teach at certain universities that require regional accreditation or state approval.  In general, state universities require such credentials while private universities may not, depending upon individual school policies. 

In practice, it is extremely unusual for a state university to offer a course in metaphysics, consciousness, esoteric sciences, spirituality, or soul-centered learning.  Many universities have flexible hiring policies where a new teacher can teach under another faculty member's license or credentials.

The Gateway University academic programs are not designed to prepare students to sit for state licensing exams.

Gateway University and the Gateway School of Ministry offer religious degrees (B.A., M.A., P.h. D.), certificates, and diplomas.
  • B. A.--2 years.  90 quarter units.  $10,000.00
  • M. A.--1 year.  45 quarter units.  $5,000.00
  • Ph. D.-- 2 years.  90 quarter units.  $10,000.00
  • B.A./M.A.--3 years.  135 quarter units.  $15,000.00
  • M.A./Ph. D.--3 years.  135 quarter units.  $15,000.00